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Google Polska?

Google Webmasters Tools has a statistics page that tells you what the top searches were that your site was listed in, and what your position was in the search. To my surprise, this site's top ranking was in 3rd place for the search "Google Polska." How did that happen? I am not Polish; I am a Dutch Kiwi. Whilst someone did once ask if I had any Polish ancestry, there is no way that the Googlebot could see my blond hair and ask that question. Not to mention that the Poles are not the only blond-haired Europeans in this world.

Half of the answer lies in the footer of every page on this website. I took Silverstripe's higher ground theme as a basis for this website and modified it to suit my needs. I left the credits for the theme design at the bottom, which includes "Silverstripe Polska" as the one who adapted the original theme by styleshout.

I have also mentioned Google quite often (and just did it again) in this blog so far, as I am using several of their services. So, a search for "Google Polska," picked up those two disconnected words on my site and listed this site in 3rd place, even though it is completely unrelated. It appears that Google's search system has now realized that it is non-related since this site is no-where to be found if one does a search for "Google Polska."

The next highest search term is "hdr lab," which has this site in 4th place.

Blog » Google Polska?

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Blog » Google Polska?