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First Human Visitors

According to Google Analytics, the first few human visitors have stumbled upon this site. They came from the USA, Germany and Australia. I'm actually surprised how quickly this happened as this site still is not linked to from other websites, and still has little content (I'm working on that).

One thing that I am curious about is the search terms used. I expected "Amiga OS 4.0" to be one of the first search terms. Instead, two visits actually came from a direct search for "hdrlab." This strikes me as off because, to the best of my knowledge, no company by that name exists. Perhaps they were looking for a research lab involved in High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging/rendering. As a computer vision researcher, I am definitely interested in this field; but, as I have no HDR cameras, I have nothing interesting in this area to present yet.

So, welcome to all visitors. Hopefully I'll have more content worth your while soon.

Blog » First Human Visitors

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Blog » First Human Visitors