Blog » Another day, another blog.

Another day, another blog.

Yes, I've finally set up my own website, and hence, yet another blog has been added to the internet. But fear not, this won't be another spewing out personal opinions for everything from politics to gardening; nor is this a corporate blog set up to promote a career. It will mostly be covering things that will appear on this site. The main reason that I got round to making this site was that I finally found a web-host with the right features at the right price. This will be a place for me to give others information about some of my projects, many of which are Amiga OS 4 related. Additionally, I may post articles which I think will be of use to others with similar interests to me. Most content will be related to computers, engineering and technology.

Another reason for this sites existence is that it gives me space to experiment with website related stuff. Everything about this site is experimental, right down to the advertisements. Even the (current) lack of content could be seen as an experiment of sorts. I'll be adding to this site gradually, as I get the work required done. If you're interested, feel free to bookmark this page; if not, there are millions of other sites that you could be looking at instead of this one.

Blog » Another day, another blog.

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Blog » Another day, another blog.